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​As you are a Queen, your body is a temple. Holding within it a kingdom that keeps you walking, talking, thinking & manifesting constantly. Our lifestyle tips will assist you with maximizing your God given  intellectual and physical potential.

Q: What is a Queen? 

A: A beautiful, clean, glowing woman who is determined to LIVE to the best of her abilities. She's confident, smart, and strong. She's "Pyramid Proof." She's a woman of taste and class; she's the total package.  Most importantly she loves and she always see's the cup as half full.  She cares and knows how to harness, exude, and create peace wherever she is.  A Queen is unmessable-with and fights her battles not with her fists but with her word in the spirit. She carries herself gracefully; she is inside of you and she is THE QUEEN!  


Alexandra E. Reilly

CEO of Living Like Queens

 Goddess Style

& Appearance

A Queen values herself highly, and takes pride of her appearance. She expresses herself as the Queen that she is and is always in-tune with expressing herself authentically. Our Makeup/ Fashion/ & Style guided tips will help you uplift your confidence and allow you to discover your personal best styles!

 Goddess Life

& Mindset Coaching

Living like a Queen is the result of a certain state of mind. It's the totality of  your self-worth, your standards, your relationships, and grand outlook of life. Our videos, blogs & many other services will assist you with finding this queen within yourself. 

Alexandra Reilly


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