Living Like Queens

Live Like Royalty

Live Like the Queen You Are

What I Do 

It is my mission to inspire and motivate all women to live at their highest potential. I want women to live their lives loving themselves, believing in themselves and acknowledging all of their divine gifts, talents, and abilities. 

Living Like Queens is consistently creating inspirational, holistic wellness, fitness, and extraordinary woman content that can be found on all of our social media platforms. I offer one-on-one coaching, mindset packages/ audio sets, and group programs for women to assist them to become more aware of their inner queen, to discover their personal highest potential, and to learn the techniques and mindset habits needed to live in their purpose confidently, and passionately.

I also love speaking to large audience spreading my inspirational word to uplift and inspire young people to embrace themselves, to strive to live at their highest potentials, and most importantly to live their lives confidently and boldly!

Through our workshops/ videos/ blogs/ individual coaching’s/ audios and group programs we hope to ignite the queen in every single woman around the world.  We direct our efforts in all of our content to elevate each woman to their divine path.

"My goal is to inspire every woman to strive towards living a fulfilled, happy, and healthy life...  Mentally, Spirituality and Physically."

With Lots of Love,

Alexandra E. Reilly
C.E.O of Living Like Queens